Los Angeles

The Bakery

Sweet State Bakery is an American bakery located in the heart of Los Angeles. The bakery highlights ingredients that are in its 'sweetest state' while paying homage to baked goods 

reminiscent of your childhood. 

Using only high quality ingredients and both European and American techniques, your palate is taken onto a journey that savors each and every bite while bringing you to a place that would remind you of home


The Baker

Nancy Kuy is a native Angeleno who has a deep appreciation for food and a passion for baking. At an early age, her exposure to the diverse ethnic backgrounds of her childhood friends led to her affinity to the taste and smells of the cuisine from those around her. Nancy's palate was further broadened when she lived and studied in Europe. It was her ticket to travel extensively and discover what food the world was able to offer all in the palm of her hand. 


Over the years, Nancy's hunger to learn the techniques in baking consumed her. She enrolled in a baking program in Culver City followed by a bread course at Ferrandi culinary school in Paris, France. 

Los Angeles is a melting pot of people who come from all over the States and around the world. Nancy wanted to create something unique and provide a sense of comfort for the people who missed home.


Sweet State Bakery is a place where she can be creative and incorporate her experiences into her baking. It is a passion of hers to bring a bit of home to the people of Los Angeles and give back to the community that she calls home.